Patty Gregg




Mixed Media Artist


Born in Mexico City, Patty has a love for bright colors and is not afraid to use them. She first started her path to art as a painter, using oil and acrylics. Her art soon was noticed by famed Mexican master engraver, Ignacio Miranda, who invited her to work as an assistant in his Valle de Bravo Studio. Later, after moving to the Yucatan, she became enthralled in the Maya Culture and began carving intricate pieces, using local limestone, with Maya and Egyptian inspiration.


While living in Cancun, she started creating large size mixed media 3-Dimensional collages, using acrylics, extra fine coral sand and objects provided by nature that she found while beach combing.

After marrying a Canadian, she moved to multicultural Ontario. It was there that she diversified into Japanese Sumi-E ink drawings, kiln fired ceramics, Plaster of Paris Masks and one of a kind driftwood sculptures.


Now living in Laguna Vista, Texas during the winter months, she has once again become inspired by her surroundings and is creating different collections of acrylic paintings with various subject matters such as Nightscapes, Desert landscapes, Jelly Fish, Mexican Salsas and recipes, etc. She continues to work on 3-D collages and selected driftwood pieces.


You can view more of her artwork at and at her permanent exhibition at the Laguna Madre Art Gallery in Port Isabel, Texas.