Margaret Hendricksen

Margaret Hendricksen - Pastel Artist

Pastel. Is it a painting or is it a drawing? I believe it's in the category of painting because I consider the pastels my paintbrush. The paintbrush can be a whole stick or a tiny piece that I break off.

A multitude of layers later I have a landscape painting that one shall enjoy and in hope, helps you appreciate what the earth has to offer.


Margaret strives for photo realism, but in recent years has experimented with a painterly style. Just recently she has been even more experimental and has tried abstracts. No art goes by the wayside. She has worked in media arts, watercolor and acrylic pouring. But her heart and hands are in pastel.


Margaret Hendricksen grew up in Chicago, shortly lived in the Pittsburgh area and now resides in the Rio Grande Valley.  She thanks her mom for showing her pastels.