Lisa Kay Irby

Photograph of Dr. Lisa Kay Irby ~ LIKI ~

Dr. Lisa Kay Irby

~ LIKI ~


“Imagination, ah…the freedom that lives in the imagination…

It could very well be one of the greatest gifts anyone could share with a child.”


From a very young age, Lisa felt the need to define herself through colorful and poetic stories represented in her writings. In addition, she found an observable and interpretative voice of expression through photography and her abstract paintings and whimsical drawings.


In 1980 she began her professional artistic journey in the field of photography at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Since that time she has received several degrees ranging from her B.A. in Spanish and Linguistics from Indiana University, a Masters in Counseling and Guidance and her Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Making from the University of Texas Pan American. She has taught in several valley school districts, been an Instructional Coach and also served as an Assistant Principal. In 2018 she retired from the field of education in order to pursue being a full-time artist.

Over the years her work has been displayed in various art venues where she was the featured artist, including Narciso Martinez Cultural Arts Center, El Jardin del Arte, Beyond Arts Gallery, and Art Nights in Harlingen. In addition, she has presented her work at D’Arte Studio and provided art instruction to special needs children at the Brownsville Children’s Museum.

“My goal as an artist is to captivate my viewer’s attention long enough so that they may perceive my thoughts and understand my heart. My paintings and works are invitations for my viewers to experience color through subtle nuances or bold, dramatic displays. The unique characteristics of each of my images are meant to inspire conversations, penetrate imaginations, and ultimately entice viewers to linger longer and experience my passion for art and creative expression.”  ~ LIKI ~

City On A Hill.jpg
"City on a Hill"
The Gathering Large Version.jpg
"The Gathering"
Vidar's Journey.jpg
"Vidar's Journey"
Intensity - Vine...ding Your Way.jpg
"Intensity - Vine...ding Your Way"
Purple People 2 (2).jpg
"Purple People 2"