Kathy Damalas

Kathy Damalas is a local artist and resident of Weslaco, Texas.  She has been painting as a hobby and professionally for 30+ years.  She began her painting career in oils, taking lessons from a local artist in a home studio and has painted with various Art Leagues throughout the Midwest before moving to Texas in 2009.  She is an avid student of the internet art courses as well as multimedia presentations and artist publications.  She has also branched out into water color but currently does primarily acrylic works of art.  She has stretched her imagination and creativity to include mixed media and appreciates the aspects of nature that she occassionally incorporate in her paintings, (shells, bee hives, dried leaves etc.)  She has also researched the ancient art of leather molding and has experimented with acrylic paint on various molded leather forms to give the final product depth and dimension. Most recently she has taken classes in art glass mosaics. Over the years she has called painting her “therapy” as she finds it relaxing, good for de-stressing, and a personal challenge with many rewards.

Her artwork is available at “Seas The Day” on Lighthouse Square in Port Isabel, as well at local art shows in the Rio Grande Valley.

Some examples of her sea scape, feather painting, leather molding, portrait, and mosaic work are provided for your viewing.