Judie Stang 


Lasting Impressions by Judie Stang


Paintings that feel like you are there!


When choosing a name for my business, I knew the word “Impression” had to be part of it.  My work has been influenced by the “Impressionists” of the late 19th Century since I discovered them in college.  They were among the first group of artists who broke the visual barrier of realism and added feeling to their subjects. My goal, each time I start a painting, is to add my enthusiasm for the subject and create a lasting impression for the viewer.

My work in Texas is represented by the Kingfisher Gallery.  My husband, Gary, and I have been coming to Texas from our home in Kansas City, in the winter since 2010.  I love to paint outdoors and many of my Texas paintings have been painted on location.  Whether using oil paint or watercolor, I attempt to create the spontaneity of the environment I encounter.

I have retired from a career in art education where my focus was helping students find the mysteries of artistic expression.  As a working artist, I attempt to communicate my artistic expression through my paintings.  I have a Masters Degree in Art Education from the University of Kansas.


Email: Jstang4@mac.com | Website:  www.judiestang.com | Blog:  jstang4.blogspot.com