Elisa Baker

Elisa Baker has been an art enthusiast her entire life. Inspired by her photographic images and invoking a technique of the Renaissance masters, sfumato, she conceived a fascinating art form. Intensifying the impact of her keen sense of detail, composition and story telling, she creates timeless art.

With unique and expressive views of the world, Elisa’s work draws in all viewers. Ethereal, striking and colorful are consistently ways that her work is described. Whatever the subject matter, the strength of her work elicits emotions and feelings that are the hallmark of great art.

Elisa is a member of the Laguna Madre Art League and a resident artist at the Kingfisher Gallery on South Padre Island. She is also a member of the Morean Art Center located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

If you would like to see more of Elisa’s work, you may visit her website: www.ElisaBakerArt.com.

Follow her on Facebook @ElisaBakerArt

To learn more or arrange a private viewing, you may contact her at Elisa@ElisaBakerArt.com.

Sfumato art and etheral images by the Artist Elisa Baker
"Ethereal Reflections"
Gulls flying over beach artwork coastal art by Elisa Baker
"Beach Boys"
Bright red nd white artwork from the studio of Elisa Baker
"Fire and Ice"
"Wingman" Pelican coastal artwork from Elisa Baker the Artist
Candy Paint original flower art by Elisa Baker
"Candy Paint"