Diana Lehmann

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I strive to help people understand and appreciate the intricacies of nature.   I want to help people develop a respect for its beauty, through my art, before it is irreparably damaged. 

As a retired aquatic biologist, I used photography to educate and inspire people.  I hope my paintings will continue to motivate the community and others to ask questions and to touch that inner self in people so they too will help protect what has been given us.

I began as a photographer but my interests broadened into painting.  I began studying and painting with acrylics about 5 years ago.   I enjoy painting landscapes and beach scenes, but am evolving and expanding my fields of interests.

My art is an important part of who I am.    It is like letting people see into my soul.  Through my art – I want people to see nature and its beauty the way I see it.

If something sparks an interest, please contact me for more information.

Art by Madilily - Photos and Acrylics by “Dianna”

Diana Lehmann; 14 Augusta Court; Laguna Vista, TX   78578

Dianna@artbymadilily.com               www.artbymadilily.com


"Into my soul"
"The Red Hills"
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"Super Blue Moon"