Cassandra Bazhaw

Cassandra Bazhaw, Photographic Artist

Colorful, Fun, Beautiful... words that have been applied to Cassandra's works of art.

Since her childhood days on the west coast, Cassandra Bazhaw has had a love for natural beauty, color and the rhythm and relaxing wonders of coastal living. Shorebirds, life filled tide pools. colorful sunsets and floral tapestries found in neighborhood gardens served as her early foundation in art.

Her integration and use of color is what brings the artwork to life. Within the stories of each artwork is a recurring trait of softness and balance. In addition you will find her personality in subtle expressions and consistent compositions within each art piece she captures and creates. Cassandra has the innate ability to bring artistic focus to narrow compositions of vast spaces and reveal the intimate beauty in things that many wold miss.

Cassandra resides in Laguna Vista, TX near South Padre Island. She describes herself as water person by nature with her spirit bird being the Pelican. It is here where she not only enjoys the idyllic coastal lifestyle but also the ability to capture and share through her artworks the wonders of the Texas Gulf Coast.

Cassandra's educational background is in Industrial Psychology coupled with a long term career in Human Resources. She now enjoys the ability to focus her life on seeking, capturing, creating beautiful photographic artworks. She is an avid supporter of the arts. She currently serves as the President of the Laguna Madre Art League. Her art business is Cassandra Bazhaw Originals.

Learn more about or contact Cassandra at:
www.cassandraoriginalart .com / or on Facebook @cassandraoriginalart

"The Queen"
Seagullbeach v1 tm cr lr.jpg
"Morning Walk"
"Dream Catchers"