"The Art Market" Application

Are you currently a member of the Laguna Madre Art League?
(If not, you will invoiced $35.00 for membership fee in addition to booth and grid fees)
I am applying for the following shows:

Application for the February Art Market is now closed.

Mailing Adress:
Email Adress:
Contact Phone #:
Texas Sales Tax ID #:
Primary Name Badge:
2 pre-printed name tags will be provided, spell exactly as you want printed.
Secondary Name Badge:
Art Type:
What type of artwork will be presented in your booth:
Booth Size - Standard booth is 8' x 10'.  A double booth is 8' x 20'.
Standard Rentals
Each Standard (Grid) is approximately 3' x 6' 
Standards Rental Request* (Max 3 per 8x10 booth space/ subject to availability)  - $10.00 each
Participant's are responsible for the set-up and configuration of rented Standards within their booth space.
Number of Standards:
One (1) 8' table and one (1) chair may be provided per 8x10 booth space (subject to availability).

NOTE: Submission of this application acknowledges acceptance of show rules. All show communications will be made via email only.